Don’t compare yourself to others when it comes to your finances

They say that comparison is the thief of joy and so it would make sense for us to try and block this out or eliminate it where possible.

However, throughout the ages this is something that has always gone on. Whether that be about how successful someone’s job or business is, their health, their house, their car, their lifestyle. And inevitably when it comes to their financial success and wealth.

Over the years I have had people talk to me about comparisons that they have made with their friends, family, neighbours or even a guy down the pub or golf club.

Now it is not to say that comparison of success and progress isn’t useful, in fact we undertake comparisons on people’s behalf on a range of different financial areas on a daily basis.

However, all of these comparisons are made with the individual at the front of mind and what is best for them and their unique situation rather than as a measurement against other people.

Having dealt with hundreds of people over the years I can tell you that no two situations are ever the same and that everyone is truly unique. This is having worked with different members of the same family, neighbours and business partners who you would think all have very similar situations.

This leads me to conclude that you should compare yourself to others in any aspect of your life, but really if you are going to compare (which we will inevitably do) then do so against alternative realistic situations for yourself.