Unlike many financial advisers, we believe in charging monetary fees as opposed to a percentage of your wealth. We believe that is the only way to ensure you pay a fair price for the value we can add to your situation, rather than that charge being dependent on how much you invest.

The initial meeting is always at our expense. This is a “getting to know each other” meeting, at the end of which we can decide if we would like to move things forward.

If you would, this is the stage where we begin to charge. Our fees are split very simply into ‘Financial Planning’, ‘Initial Implementation’ and ‘Ongoing Services’:

Financial planning

During this process, we will:

  • 1. Get to know you and establish your situation, goals and priorities.
  • 2. Review your existing circumstances, plans and policies to identify issues, options and solutions through interactive and visual financial planning.
  • 3. Document it into a personalised Financial Plan Report and a Product Recommendation report.


Initial implementation

If there are areas identified which require specific product recommendations, our advice is implemented with the following tiers


To arrange a single product area such as a pension or investment, without the need for existing policies to be replaced or transferred, or protection policies.


To arrange multiple products such as a pension or investment and/or existing policies to be replaced/transferred.


For high net worth clients with complex advice arrangements involving specialist investment vehicles such as inheritance planning, pensions annual and lifetime allowances.

Ongoing services

It’s important to regularly reflect and adapt upon the plan to ensure it’s in line with your goals. Our ongoing service is structured with following tiers:

Foundation£1,575 per annum

For individuals with simple ongoing financial planning needs, often with only one product type and little ongoing tax planning.

Standard£2,625 per annum

For individuals and couples with standard financial planning needs, with a range of product types, and some regular ongoing tax planning.

Plus£5,250 per annum

For individuals, couples and families with complex financial planning needs, with a range of product types and complex ongoing tax planning.


Why us?

Choosing the right financial professional is a big decision. These are the things that make us stand out from the crowd.

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“James is a warm and friendly adviser with a very professional manner. He guided us through our retirement options in a straightforward way. We now feel much more confident. I would definitely recommend James.”

John & June Clients since 2019


“James has relieved me of the burden of attempting to manage my own portfolio. We have seen highly acceptable returns, with minimal effort required on our part. I would be glad to recommend James' services.”

Don & Celtria Clients since 2014


“James has been very supportive and helpful in explaining the financial options open to me. He is very approachable, has a friendly, professional manner, and is always very accommodating. He is always reliable and punctual.”

Anne A client since 2015


“James provided a thorough overview of our financial situation, including how to achieve what we wanted to. We can't fault anything with James. He is very knowledgeable and sets things out in an easy to understand manner.”

Ian & Lorraine Clients since 2013


“Pensions can be a minefield; I hadn’t got any idea of anything! James guided me through the process. He didn’t sugarcoat as some advisers do. He spoke to me like a real person. Very knowledgeable.”

Andrew A client since 2015


“James presented all my retirement options in a clear, jargon-free manner and put me at ease with his professional, friendly approach. I don't think there's much that he could have done any better short of acquiring a crystal ball!”

Robert A client since 2015


“I had sold my house and didn’t know what to do with the money. I’m definitely very satisfied with the advice James gave me and continues to give me. I trust his advice implicitly and feel quite safe in the decisions we have made.”

Jean A client since 2014


“James clearly explained our options, talked us through the processes, never talked down to us, and was very encouraging and positive. As a result, we have been able to retire earlier than we first thought.”

Mary & Stuart Clients since 2019


“James answered all our questions (we had a lot!). He’s approachable and easy to work with. Before talking to James, we had estimated an outcome. After working with him, we have a much better outcome than we ever expected. Excellent.”

Corinne & Dave Clients since 2019

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