It’s not all about the money …

Reading the title of this article, you might well be entitled to wonder whether the lack of sleep from the children, the strains of running a business or what has been going on in the world these last few years has led me to finally lose my marbles.

But, read a bit further and hopefully this should begin to make a bit more sense.

When it comes to financial planning it would be fair to say that the money side of things is pretty important. After all, this is the means by which things can be used in modern days. Long gone are the days of bartering items for other items.

Without sufficient means we cannot survive, never mind thrive. Money enables us to the opportunity for safe shelter, food and drink which is then built from in modern life to include all of our wants and desires.

It is important to have control, undertake planning and professional advice to enable you to maximise your resources. However this is only relevant when it is applied to our actual lives because money is only a tool to enable us to facilitate our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Very few people are actually interested in the money itself, or indeed sometimes how this is being applied. But what people do want to know is often one of/a combination of the following questions:

  • Am I going to be ok?
  • Will this enable me to do what I wanted to do?
  • Is there anything else that could be done to enable things further?

Whenever we are having conversations in relation to money, we are always trying to then apply that to your life whereby we then hope to make your hopes, dreams and aspirations more of a reality than had been previously possible.

So if ever it seems as though we aren’t spending a lot of time talking about money and rather more time talking about your life and your goals that is the reason – we are just trying to understand how to apply the money via financial planning to your life both now and in the future.