Why Sometimes Doing Nothing is Correct

We live in a world now where we are bombarded with information, thoughts and opinions. This can be great as it gives us the ability to access all of those with much more ease. No longer are we having to look through multiple newspapers, journals, books or bulletins to obtain the information we might require.

We also live in a world where change is encouraged – whether that be in relation to our diet, our shopping habits, our exercise routines, goods and services to be purchased.

However, what this can also mean is that we can be lured into thinking that change is also required all of the time in all areas and that not taking action is the enemy.

In recent years, it would be understandable for some people to think that you also need to be constantly making changes to your own financial situation.

However, we spent a lot of time doing research putting your plans and products together in the first place to ensure that they would be suitable in all types of conditions. This can often mean that we are asking people to make quite large changes up front with the expectation that fewer will be needed in the future.

We also spend a lot of time doing research and analysis on an ongoing basis to consider if there would be a way to improve things in all aspects – essentially we do the work so that you don’t have to!

However, aside from regular updates we will often only communicate when we believe that you need to make a change or take action.

Just as in the same way as if you enjoyed playing tennis and eating a balanced diet with the occasional treat was keeping you healthy you wouldn’t feel the need to give it up and take up gymnastics and eat a ‘carnivore diet’ because you had an indulgent weekend and gained a few pounds. You would most likely continue what you are doing.

My final thought on this would be that there are often occasions when the best action is to take no action, keep the faith and stick to what you have already got or are already doing. Remember that is also taking an active decision too!