Could and should you be getting away in February?

February is normally the depths of winter in terms of temperature and weather meaning we are often inside more with the heating on …

Not much sunlight and the sun setting early in the day …

It is also a month past the festive period but still a month or so away from Spring approaching and Easter …

Sounds a bit miserable!

So what can you do about it?

Well in the interest of sharing within our little community of clients, there are now a number of clients who decide to get away on holiday every February!

Some of them use that time of year to get off and do their adventures in Asia or exploring other parts of the world, others take an extended break hiring an apartment for the month to live fairly normally but with the sun on their backs in Spain, Portugal or Canary Islands.

It would seem that there are potentially quite a few benefits to doing this each year:

  • The cost of travel at this time of year can potentially be lower

  • It breaks up the winter and gives something to look forward to

  • You aren’t spending so much heating your home during that period

  • You can potentially visit tourist places that would normally be much busier during peak season

  • For those with joint pain or seasonal ailments this could help ease this by breaking it up

I can appreciate that this might not be possible for everyone to just take an additional break or holiday in February, but equally it might be possible to get away at this time of the year instead.

Therefore, why not think about giving it a go for next year?!