The importance of making time for your finances

It would be fair to say that my life is currently pretty busy – running a small but growing business whilst having three young children. Given that it would be fairly reasonable to expect that time for certain things might be stretched.

Getting up at anywhere between 4.30am and 6am most mornings is not a situation to provide the optimal amount of energy either.

 The result? Reduced amounts of exercise and an increased reliance on sugar and caffeine leading to weight gain.

Given the circumstances it would be reasonable to say that is understandable, a phase of life not to be too concerned by as it can be corrected in the future.

However, over the last two months I have made the conscious effort that despite a lack of time and sleep to exercise regularly (on my home exercise bike and dumbbell set). The result is actually more energy, better food and drink choices and a bit of weight loss (it doesn’t seem to go as quickly as it got put on!).

The same is true in relation to your personal finances – making a bit of time to keep on top of things on a regular basis is important and can have great benefits over the long term.

In terms of the bigger picture and the specific products that you might have, that is why we meet up at least once a year to review things to ensure that things remain optimal. But in terms of things such as regular expenditure and potentially cash savings if you manage those yourselves, it is important to make time to keep on top of things.

This might only need a few minutes a week or an hour a month, but as with many things small things in the short term can lead to big impacts over the long term!