Why you should consider front loading your retirement plans

For those people who are not yet retired we often talk about what their future plans are once that is the case.

And quite often there is a list of things, or a ‘bucket list’ if you like that they would like to achieve throughout their lifetime.

When we start to map these things out using our forecasting software they are often spaced out over a long time period, which if happened would mean that they would have an interesting and varied time over a long period. – in theory great!

However I am sure that you all know of someone where they have passed away earlier than expected, or that health issues have prevented them from doing some of the things they might have liked.

Even for me at a relatively young age would struggle to play football more than once a week due to the recovery time required.

So this in turn brings onto the idea of ‘front loading’ your plans. Whilst it might seem scary to be ‘all action’ for a shorter period of years, experience has shown me that either health prevents some things happening or the appetite wains as people get older.

But if health and appetite for new experiences doesn’t wain, it means that there is the opportunity for even more things (resources permitting)!

When I look at a forecast, it makes me happiest when I see lots of activity front loaded and over a shorter period rather than spaced out over a long time.

Therefore, why not consider front loading your plans. We can always use our forecasting software to look at the potential implications of doing so.